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The following is general information about franchising with Belleria:

1. Franchise Fees are TBD


2. Equipment price for carryout varies depending upon equipment specs. 

3. Once the territory is established, the required amount for holding said territory is negiotiable.

4. It is most beneficial to try and find an existing location that was either a pizza or restaurant business.

5. Training will consist of 2 weeks when you open. You may train in our existing locations for as long as you like before opening, once the franchise fee is paid.

6. No one shall open a Belleria within 3 miles of any existing Belleria location.

7. The Franchisee shall pay the Franchiser a weekly continuing service and royalty fee equal to that of 5% of the gross sales. It is paid on or before Wednesday of each week.

8. Franchisee shall pay an advertising fee TBD. (until 5 stores are open in your area.) The fees paid to this fund are used to meet all of the costs of maintaining, administering, directing and preparing advertising. In addition to the expenditures for the advertising fund, it is recommended that the franchisee also spend a minimum of 1% of the franchisee’s gross sales per month on local advertising.

9. The franchise fee is uniform to all individual franchisees. This fee covers training of the owners and workers, recipe for the dough as well as other products used in the operation, knowledge of 28 years in business, where to find the best prices on our products as well as all food purveyors that include automatic discount pricing.

Also, will assist in equipment prices if needed. Our financial system that you will learn has taken years to perfect. The sauces, cheese and many other of the Belleria name products will come in ready to serve. The product is proven for more than 40 years. It is up to you to run your location and make sure you carry on the Belleria tradition and with that we are confident that it will be a profitable business. For any further interest or questions about joining the growing Belleria family tradition, don’t hesitate to contact us at our office.

Thank you for your interest in Belleria and we hope to hear from you soon.


If interested in starting a new location, contact: Mike Frasco at 330-727-3972

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